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RiverWools News:

River Wools Side Walk Sale
August 27 10am-5pm

During the Downtown Block Party come by for crazy deals on yarn, sign-up for fall classes and enter a drawing for a free class
Club Knit begins in September. Sign-up now. Click the Store Icon on this page and proceed to Club Knit for details.
Open Knit and Crochet Tuesday Afternoons 1pm-5pm or Thursday Evening 5:30pm - 8pm. Stop by with your work in progress or start a new project that night in the company of other knitters and crocheters. No class fee.
Open Weaving Thursday, August 25 5pm-8pm

Check out our new class offerings in Knitting, Crochet and Weaving by double clicking on the Store Icon or the Classes Icon to your left on this screen.


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